Eco-Friendly Eyewear Company Donates Reading Glasses

We just received our third corporate donation of reading glasses, and it's from a very unusual eyewear company. Equation, LLC refurbishes recycled eyewear to like new conditions, in order to provide affordable eyewear to the world while helping the environment.

Peepers Fun Reading Glasses Donated for Refugees

What better way to encourage reading than with the gift of colorful, cheerful, fun reading glasses? Especially in the Darfur refugee camps of eastern Chad, where hope needs a helping hand, adding to the enjoyment of reading can yield big returns in education and mental health. That's why the Book Wish Foundation was so excited to receive 126 pairs of Peepers Fun Reading Glasses, in dozens of colors and styles, like these:

For Eyes Optical Donates Reading Glasses for Darfur

For Eyes Optical, a retail optical company with over 140 stores in the United States, has responded in a big way to our call for reading glasses for Darfur refugees and villagers in eastern Chad. Reading glasses are a critical component of our reading relief package, enabling more people to derive educational, occupational, and mental health benefits from the books we provide. How many more?

First donations of reading glasses!

We just received our first donations of reading glasses for our project to help Darfur refugees and local villagers in eastern Chad! Check out the doodle on one of the boxes that arrived:

box containing donated glasses for Darfur refugees

Donors D.C. and J.W. shipped five pairs, including four cases (we've supplied the fifth case). Stylish, don't you think?


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